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10 Tips for Travelling with Medication

It’s easy to get caught up in planning the exciting elements of a holiday but it’s important to ensure you take care of your health too. If you’re travelling with medication, there are some easy things to do before you leave to reduce the stress while you’re away.

Here are 10 tips for travelling with medications

1.       Visit your doctor in advance to see if you need any vaccinations or take precautions for your travel destination.

2.       Get prescriptions for your usual medications and ensure you will have enough to cover the time you will be travelling. Preferably travel with extra medication in case of travel   delays.

3.       Ask your doctor for a letter listing your medications and the conditions they are prescribed for.

4.       It can be helpful to travel with a general anti-biotic and anti diahorea medication. Check with your doctor to see if this is appropriate.

5.       Keep medication in original packaging for travel.

6.       Pack your medication and your doctor’s letter in your hand luggage. This way, if the airline should lose your luggage you have it with you.

7.       If you are travelling with liquid medication, ensure you follow the limitations and if unsure check with the airline.

8.       Airlines will not refrigerate medication on a flight. You will need to keep your own medication chilled.

9.       The rules for travelling with oxygen vary between airlines. Speak to the airline at the time of booking to ensure your needs can be met.

10.   Some medications are banned in certain countries. It’s important to check with the country’s embassy prior to travel.

This is a general guide only. Rules and regulations may change and it’s essential you seek medical advice from your doctor and make enquiries with the appropriate authorities and airlines about travelling with medication.

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