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A High-Adrenaline Dining Experience Accessible To All

Access Vertigo is the first of its kind in accessible tourism and adventure dining - are you up for it?

Australia’s first vertical dining experience, Vertigo at Brisbane Powerhouse, is breaking new ground once again by making the experience accessible for wheelchair users.

Vertigo launched in October 2023, taking guests 17 metres above the ground to dine perched on the side of the noble brick building.

Since the launch, the team has been working on ways to improve access for people with disabilities. Introducing: Access Vertigo.

A man seated and strapped in on the Access Vertigo platform holding a spoon and eating a meal
Access Vertigo offers wheelchair users a culinary experience like no other.

Access Vertigo

The team at Brisbane Powerhouse worked with Dane Cross (CEO of Sporting Wheelies and inclusion advocate) and Tim Lachlan (Occupational Therapist and wheelchair user) to conceptualise and construct a lightweight wheelchair tailored for elevating individuals for high-altitude adventures such as Vertigo. 

The prototypes have been developed, tested, and now they’re ready to soar.

“It’s a proud moment for us to see Access Vertigo not just redefine the parameters of accessible tourism, but also ensure that the excitement and joy of dining in the sky are shared by all,” said Cross.

A wheelchair user being winched onto the Access Vertigo platform in low light with the building illuminated a lavender purple, photographed from the ground
Access Vertigo is taking accessible travel experiences to new heights.

Participants will transfer to a specially-designed lightweight wheelchair, made from aircraft-grade aluminium, and sit tight as they’re winched up to the Access Vertigo dining platform. The program is equipped with a sling for transferring, in a private room or with assistance from staff.

Once elevated, the lightweight chair is locked into place at the dining table, and safely winched to the platform with an additional back-up safety system. Once all diners have joined the table, they will experience a delectable three-course brunch or dinner atop Brisbane Powerhouse, before descending from the edge of the building after the meal.

A wheelchair user and Access Vertigo staff member on place on the platform and grinning
A lot of work has gone into making sure Access Vertigo is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Taking accessible adventure to a whole new level

Accessibility has always been the goal for Vertigo. Kate Gould (CEO and Artistic Director of Brisbane Powerhouse) said Vertigo’s creator John Sharpe had a vision for the experience to be the same for people with mobility issues and those without.

“Achieving that vision has been a greater challenge than anticipated, requiring prototyping new wheelchair designs, and lifting techniques. To see wheelchairs finally raised up the wall of Brisbane Powerhouse is exhilarating,” she says.

As always, the hard work is well worth it. Queensland Tourism Minister, Michael Healy MP, says Access Vertigo takes accessible tourism to a whole new level.

“This unforgettable culinary adventure will enable even more people to enjoy our great Queensland lifestyle from a different perspective,” he says.

This is the first phase for Access Vertigo, with plans to expand accessibility even further in the near future (stay tuned!).

A man in the lightweight wheelchair being lowered down beside the brick wall of the Powerhouse Building
Wheelchair accessibility is step one of expanding access to the unique Vertigo dining experience.

Find out more

Access Vertigo’s three-course dinner menu, with matched wine, and Sunday brunch menu can be adapted to cater for most dietary requirements. Wheelchair sittings are limited to one wheelchair user per sitting and can be booked by emailing the team directly.

To find out more about the experience and eligibility for participation, check out the Access Vertigo website.

This feature is produced in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse.

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