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About Us

Our Story

We are Australia’s first–and only!–disability-specific travel magazine. We share stories from people with lived experience of travelling with disabilities to inform and inspire others. People with disabilities deserve to know what’s possible, and see themselves reflected in their information resources. 

Our founder, Julie Jones, has decades of experience travelling with her son, Braeden, who lives with cerebral palsy. Her determination to make the world more accessible for him has led to a successful blog, a massive online community, and now a travel magazine addressing the specific needs of travellers with disabilities.

The Magazine

Travel Without Limits has been published bi-annually (a Spring/Summer issue in September, and an Autumn/Winter issue in March) since 2019. Each issue features a range of stories, interviews, features, and tip-sheets for travel at home and around the world.

You can read Travel Without Limits with one easy yearly subscription, with the magazine mailed to you directly. Each issue is also available in eReader format for purchase online

Work With Us

As Australia’s first–and only–disability-specific travel magazine, Travel Without Limits is a unique resource for the 1 in 4 people who live with disabilities.

We work with people and organisations who are making the world more accessible and inclusive. Whether it’s learning from your expertise, sharing ours, or collaborating to produce high-quality and informative content for our readers–we’re always open to new opportunities. If your goals align with ours, get in touch to discuss how we can work together.


Julie Jones

Julie Jones is the creator of Have Wheelchair Will Travel and co-founder of Travel Without Limits. She travels the world with her son Braeden, who lives with cerebral palsy, and her daughter Amelia.

Sheree Strange

Sheree Strange is a Staff Writer and Digital Editor at Travel Without Limits. She loves road-tripping with her dog, Fyo, with an audiobook playing and plenty of stops for gluten-free snacks on the way.

Kimberly Graham

Kimberly Graham is a New Zealand-based freelance travel writer and creator of Grab Your Wheels, Let’s Travel–a family accessible travel blog about discovering accessible activities for all in Aotearoa.

Marlena Katene

Marlena Katene is a music journalist, a skydiver, a world traveller, and a business owner. She shares her adventures with us in Travel Without Limits, as well as on Instagram and via her YouTube channel.

Sophie Cullen

Sophie Cullen is a pasta-lover, beach-goer, and theatre fanatic who loves getting off the beaten path and chatting with locals. Check out her interviews and destination round-ups in Travel Without Limits.

Bev Malzard

Bev Malzard is an experienced freelance journalist, an expert in over-50s travel, and copy editor extraordinaire. She loves both the joy of exploring somewhere new and revisiting favourite destinations.