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An Out Of This World Accessible Experience

An American program is making major strides in improving accessibility and inclusion - in space!

AstroAccess recently completed its AA2 research flight onboard Zero-G Corporation’s aircraft, with 14 crew members who live with disabilities.

The multinational crew included Western Sydney resident Dwayne Fernandes, the first Australian to participate in the AstroAccess program. Dwayne, who has two prosthetic legs, performed mobility and dexterity exercises to help prove that people who live with disabilities have a place in space.

The evidence that Dwayne and the rest of the crew gathered is being used to advance universal design for future space flights.

Space entrepreneur Dylan Taylor helped sponsor the research flight. “AstroAccess is proving that space can one day be accessible for everyone,” he said.

Dwayne Fernandes and fellow AstroAccess crew members floating in zero gravity on board a space craft
Dwayne’s research will make space accessible to everyone.

To find out more about AstroAccess – and maybe even apply to join the crew yourself! – visit their website.

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