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Anyone can fly with iFly Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Indoor Skydiving allows you to take to the skies in a fully-controlled environment, without sacrificing any of the fun!

Indoor skydiving is the ultimate thrill-seeking adventure and it’s an experience that is accessible for people of all ages (3+) and abilities.

The world-class instructors at iFly Indoor Skydiving are professionals in the field, and they’re eager to make your time learning to fly as exhilarating as possible.

After gearing up in a flight suit, viewing the training video, and learning the signals to communicate whilst flying, you’ll enter the wind tunnel and float effortlessly into flight, with your instructor right beside you to help you fly your body your way.

The team at iFly can make the dream of flying a reality for everyone. Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have low-vision, are hard-of-hearing, have cognitive challenges, or another disability, you can experience the incredible feeling of flight and learn to fly your body your way.

Indoor skydiving gives the feeling of freedom, and often becomes a regular activity. For the team at iFly Indoor Skydiving, it’s not just a once-off experience but something to enjoy often. Benefits include extreme happiness and joy, and it can even enhance strength and fitness.

A group of people - including wheelchair users and people with other disabilities - gathered in flight suits with instructors at iFly Indoor Skydiving
Everyone can experience the magic of flying at iFly Indoor Skydiving.

NDIS Support: Some flyers have been able to access NDIS funding to participate in indoor skydiving under “Access Community, Social & Rec Activities”. This is something to look into to make indoor skydiving your regular social activity or sport. 

If you are a wheelchair user or require additional support, please get in touch with the iFly Indoor Skydiving team on 1300 435 966 or by email to discuss your individual access needs.

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

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