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‘Assume That I Can’ Video Goes Viral

The theme for World Down Syndrome Day in 2024 is 'End The Stereotypes', and a new viral video is spreading that message far and wide.

This is a viral video you just can’t scroll past. Actress and model Madison Tevlin, who has Down syndrome, stars in a new ad that tackles the stereotypes and self-fulfilling prophecies faced by people with disabilities.

The ad sees a young woman who lives with Down syndrome (played by Tevlin) challenge the low expectations that others have of her, remind others that their assumptions about her become her reality, and encourage them to assume she can achieve her goals and participate in a full life.

The original video already has 18.1 million views on Instagram, 4.8 million views on TikTok, and tens of thousands more on other platforms.

The ad’s tagline – ‘Assume that I can, so maybe I will’ – is a message that has resonated with viewers around the world, and aligns with the theme for World Down Syndrome Day (21 March 2024), ‘End The Stereotypes’.

‘Assume That I Can’ is a collaborative production led by Italian organisation CoorDown, with contributions and support from international organisations including the National Down Syndrome Society and Down Syndrome Australia.

“With the story of ‘Assume That I Can’, we show how each of us can contribute to inclusion,” says CoorDown president, Antonella Falugiani. “Only in this way can we tear down the walls that still limit the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.”

A promotional graphic for World Down Syndrome Day that reads: #EndTheStereotypes, with the World Down Syndrome Day logo and website
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