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Beach Getaways In Greece Just Got More Accessible

The Greek Ministry of Tourism and the European Union are making beach getaways in Greece more accessible with a huge infrastructure investment.

The Greek Ministry of Tourism and the European Union are making beach getaways in Greece more accessible, investing €15,000,000 in upgrading the accessibility infrastructure of over 250 beaches in the iconic European vacation spot.

There are already over 100 wheelchair-friendly beaches in Greece, and this new project will see a further 287 beaches made fully accessible, especially for those who live with disabilities.

The innovative Seatrac system, which allows independent mobility across sand and into the beautiful Mediterranean waters, was actually designed and first implemented in Greece. The infrastructure investment will be used to roll it out to more beaches around the coastline.

A man seated on the Seatrac system, which is transporting him across sand and into sea water.
The innovative Seatrac system allows for independent access and mobility on Greece’s beaches. Credit: Seatrac/TOBEA

The Greek Ministry of Tourism will also add and upgrade accessible parking, changing rooms, bathroom facilities, sun loungers and shades, and – best of all – wheelchair-friendly bars.

“Equal access to the sea is an inalienable human right,” said Vassilis Kikilias, Greece’s Tourism Minister. He hopes the new and improved infrastructure will give everyone the opportunity to participate in life-enhancing beach activities, regardless of their abilities.

If you’re ready to start planning your beach getaway in Greece, you’re going to want to start with the new Accessible Beaches (GR) website. It has an interactive map showing all of the accessible beaches in Greece, Seatrac system locations and instructions for use, and helpful videos to inspire and inform your next visit.

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