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Beachwheels Australia has Wheeleez Options for Everyone

Beachwheels Australia has a wide array of Wheeleez products, all-terrain wheelchairs that will suit all ages, sizes, and abilities.

We know families want to adventure and explore the outdoors together – even if the experience is close to home. Families have shown us they can be very resourceful and innovative, and that a strong spirit of do-it-yourself is alive and well.

We also know the importance many community members place in avoiding creating waste – using resources and materials that are on-hand.

This has been demonstrated to us time and time again by clients like Amanda Cutbush, whose lovely daughter Laura uses a beach wheelchair they made themselves by fitting a Wheeleez Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit to a would-be discarded wheelchair. 

The results speak for themselves. The chair looks great and the family now are able to enjoy time in places previously not accessible, with safety and ease.

“We built the chair and made a few adjustments to the poles, and added an old pool chair mesh seat as a basket underneath,” said Amanda. “We took it to Avoca Beach (NSW Central Coast) for something different. It was so great, and easy to push – we walked a long way! We used to use an old bike trailer that wouldn’t make it in the softer sand. We’re so happy!”

Though there are many positives associated with the do-it-yourself approach, we acknowledge, it’s not for everyone. Hence, we have an array of ready to go all terrain products that will suit all ages, sizes and abilities.

The newest addition to our range, the Wheeleez All Terrain / Beach Rollator is a rollator designed to navigate challenging terrain and is very easily transported for travel. The wide WheelEEZ® polyurethane wheels provide a stable base to this rollator, which helps develop confidence when walking in the great outdoors.

Gary Drew, from the Gold Coast, told us: “My age and ankle problems have prevented me from walking, or any activity on unstable ground. Recently, I saw an elderly lady walking along the beach with a Wheeleez rollator. After seeing how easily she could move around on the soft sand, I went and purchased one myself. My whole quality of life has changed.”

“I can now walk on soft sand, grass, and uneven surfaces again, unassisted, something I haven’t been able to do for a long time! Thank you, Wheeleez!”

To learn more about our great array of all-terrain chairs, buggies and rollators, visit our website or email us.

This story first appeared in Travel Without Limits magazine. You can subscribe here.

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