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Beachwheels Australia is making the great outdoors accessible

Allow your imagination to veer off the beaten track and let Beachwheels Australia equip you with the wheels to get there.

Looking forward to your next holiday in the outdoors? Dreaming of beach bliss or untouched bushland? The most rewarding and inspiring locations to visit in Australia are not always the most accessible. Many wheelchairs are designed for use only on sealed pavements. They aren’t always great on the unpredictable and uneven surfaces of our beautiful sandy beaches and the rugged bush tracks of our National Parks. Beachwheels Australia has a range of All Terrain and Beach Chairs that help you can safely traverse sand, rocks, gravel, mud, grass, and even snow.

Allow your imagination to veer off the beaten track and let Beachwheels Australia equip you with the wheels to get there.

Beachwheels Australia Delta Buggy

The Delta Buggy is built for the great outdoors. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Delichon, this rugged lightweight All-Terrain Buggy opens up new horizons beyond the reach of conventional pushchairs, strollers or wheelchairs. It is available in a range of six sizes to suit children and adults.

Delichon’s customary attention to detail has created an exceptional All-Terrain Buggy boasting a wealth of safety and comfort features for carer and occupant alike. It also boasts the optional new features:

  • Bike attachment: can be easily attached behind a bicycle
  • Multi-directional swivel wheels: makes the Delta even more maneuverable
  • Suggested use: footpaths, shopping centers, indoors
  • UV and Insect Mesh Protector: offers protection from the Aussie sun and creepy-crawlies
  • Delta Recline: an adjustable back for users that need additional support
A child seated in a Beachwheels Australia Delta Buggy, looking out over a green moor.
The Delta Buggy from Beachwheels Australia has features to suit all needs. Credit: Beachwheels Australia

Beachwheels Australia All Terrain Chair

Looking for great value for money? The Beachwheels Australia All Terrain Chair is one that should not be overlooked for value.

With four large 49cm balloon tyres, a light frame, pull up arm rests and a folding footrest it is a low maintenance workhorse that carries up to 150kg with ease across difficult to navigate surfaces.

At less than half the price of most all terrain chairs, this is a beauty!

Contact Beachweels Australia at or 0435 916 391.

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