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Check out the Crocodile Hunter Lodge

The Crocodile Hunter Lodge is a dream come true for the Irwin family, where people can spend the night in the natural habitat of Australia's wildlife.

If you’ve always dreamed of spending a night among wildlife, but you’re reluctant to give up the little luxuries on holiday, the new Crocodile Hunter Lodge is your dream come true.

Inspired by the life and legacy of iconic Australian conservationist and wildlife expert Steve Irwin, the new accommodation at Australia Zoo in Queensland offers guests the opportunity to connect with creatures of the wild without sacrificing comfort and amenities.

A woman and children on a deck watching emus wander on a grassy yard at Crocodile Hunter Lodge
Get up close with Australian wildlife, without sacrificing the little travel luxuries. Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

“Steve always had a dream that one day, people would not just visit Australia Zoo, but stay overnight and have the immersive experience of listening to and being around wildlife after dark,” Terri Irwin says.

“The Crocodile Hunter Lodge includes eight family-friendly cabins, including an accessibility cabin, and offers services and facilities to suit everyone’s needs, ensuring a pleasant and memorable stay.”

A remarkable multi-species habitat surrounds the Crocodile Hunter Lodge, bringing guests up close and personal with kangaroos, emus, and echidnas. Of special interest is the southern koala colony, rescued victims of the 2019-20 bushfire season.

With access to Australia Zoo included, a stay at the Crocodile Hunter Lodge is an amazing learning opportunity for kids (and grown-ups). Wildlife Warriors are on hand to teach visitors about the conservation work undertaken at the Zoo, including its essential breeding programs.

When you’re ready to relax, take a dip in the Billabong, a 25-metre infinity pool, and refuel at the Warrior Restaurant and Bar. And you can rest easy, knowing that the Crocodile Hunter Lodge has been built sustainably.

A pool hoist by the Billabong pool at Crocodile Hunter Lodge
Take a relaxing dip in the Billabong, accessible to all, at Crocodile Hunter Lodge.

To find out more and book your stay, visit the Crocodile Hunter Lodge website.

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