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Clare Conroy Is In The Loop+

Clare Conroy is a passionate designer, entrepreneur and mother of three. We chat with Clare about how she came to develop a smart diagnostic device called Loop+.

Clare Conroy is a passionate designer, entrepreneur and mother of three. We chat with Clare about how she came to develop a smart diagnostic device called Loop+ to support her son’s mobility and encourage healthy habits. 

How did you come to be involved in the creation of the Loop+ wearable for wheelchair users? 

Evander has had a spinal cord injury since birth and we have been managing his daily health concerns. We were looking for a wheelchair friendly sensor-based health tracker but couldn’t find one to meet our specific needs… so my sister and I decided to build one.  

What kind of data does the Loop+ sensor pad give access to? 

Evander’s Loop+ sensor pad is continuously collecting information on his activity, posture, pressure and positioning throughout the day. I am able to see this in the app in real-time and in his daily summary. I can also request a report of this information that can be used as supporting evidence for his NDIS plan. I have used a Loop+ report to support a request for short term accommodation funds and also to help in discussions with Evander’s occupational therapist for seating adjustments. 

Is the Loop+ pad easy to travel with? 

We have travelled with the Loop+ sensor pad with it remaining attached to Evander’s wheelchair during the flight. Alternatively, we can take the pad off and ensure it is kept flat in our hand luggage or stowed away in our baggage. I have travelled with a Loop+ to demo at various expos interstate and have had no trouble flying with it. 

Three phone screens showing Loop+ data next to a picture of a wheelchair
The Loop+ reports help Clare manage Evander’s health at home and away.

Are there any issues accessing Loop+ metrics while away?

Loop+ connects to wifi so it can upload Evander’s data. When we are travelling we simply connect the app to hotel wifi and can continue to track Evander’s progress. It is a great way to compare how his days vary whilst on holidays to his regular days at home and school. 

Where have you travelled with your son? 

As a family we have travelled within Australia and overseas for holidays. The kids love swimming, so we often look for locations which have access to the beach or a pool. When Evander was younger we also travelled regularly to the USA for therapy. 

Where would you like to travel as a family next? 

We have booked a holiday to Perth just after Christmas, where we will be staying at accommodation offered by Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. It is a beautiful house providing accessible modifications, pool and a gym.  

What are your top five bucket list destinations for your family? 

There are so many! Here are a few…

  1. Uluru: I have always wanted to go there myself and I think the kids would love it.
  2. Falls Creek: I believe they have a fantastic adaptive skier program.
  3. Peru: Evander’s Grandma is from Peru and we would like to take the kids to Machu Picchu one day. I have seen blogs of wheelchair users who have visited there so this would be an epic adventure!
  4. Fiji: I am sure that there are some great accessible resorts that we could find that cater to all our needs.
  5. New Zealand: We are an active family so we would love to go and explore NZ.  

To find out more about Loop+, visit their website or email the team.

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