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Coldplay’s World-Leading Inclusivity on Tour

British pop-rock band Coldplay is leading the way in making major live music shows accessible and inclusive.

Attendees at Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres world tour have been wowed by their inclusivity efforts, as well as their Grammy Award-winning music.

At every show, Coldplay hires local sign-language interpreters to ensure attendees who are d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing don’t miss a moment. They also offer SUBPAC vests, which are wearable audio systems that vibrate to the rhythm of the music.

“Music is waves,” drummer Will Champion says. “You can hear them but also feel them as well.”

For guests who are blind or who have low vision, Coldplay offers tactile tours before the show. They’ve also worked with the charity KultureCity to provide a mobile sensory refuge station for attendees with sensory sensitivities, and sensory bags to help manage the concert experience.

A person standing facing a crowd lit with small lights, wearing a KultureCity sensory bag on their back
Coldplay has partnered with KultureCity to make their concerts more sensory-friendly.

These accommodations have made a huge difference for music lovers with a variety of disabilities, turning the concert experience into a more welcoming and inclusive one.

“If we have one aim, it’s the feeling of togetherness,” says guitarist Jimmy Buckland.

Best of all, Coldplay is open to doing more. On their website, they ask that attendees get in touch with suggestions or requests that will make their shows more inclusive.

Find out more and book your tickets here, or email Coldplay’s team to discuss access at the Music of the Spheres world tour.

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