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Freedom to Go Further with Mogo

Find the freedom to go further with Mogo Wheelchairs, combining the comfort of custom design with high-tech solutions.

Experience more autonomy, flexibility, and the freedom to go further with a custom wheelchair that’s as individual as you are. Pair it with the power and endurance of a Batec, and there’s no stopping you!

Mogo is a proud distributor of Batec solutions, and creator of custom wheelchairs. They’ve been helping Australians find the freedom to go further for over 40 years.

Combining the comfort of Mogo’s wheelchairs with the capabilities of Batec delivers a unique and customised solution. The advanced technology includes features such as ultra-thick tires, reverse gears, and all-in-one screens that can take you through the city or the bush.

With access to these solutions, children, adults, and families alike are enjoying more experiences, exploring new places together, and travelling further than ever before.

One such family is the O’Donovans, who recently travelled to the Northern Territory with their Batec. The user-friendly design allowed them to explore, taking them across all types of terrain with ease and in style.

The O'Donovan family exploring the Northern Territory with their customised Mogo wheelchair.
The O’Donovans found the freedom to go further with Mogo.

They visited Australia’s most iconic landmark, Uluru, explored the rich and rugged landscape, and cheered on their favourite racers at the Fink motorbike rally.

When you think of adventure, maybe an experience like the O’Donovans’ is what comes to mind. Or, perhaps, it’s zipping in and out of inner-city streets, or winding your way through rainforest trails. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, Mogo has the wheels to take you there. Let them take you further!

Find out more about Mogo Wheelchairs on their website. Contact them by email or on (02) 9708 5255.

This advertising feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits magazine. You can subscribe here.

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