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Going Places With Avant’s Portable Transfer Devices

Avant's portable transfer devices can help when your destination isn't specifically accessible, or hire equipment you need isn't available.

Getting there and getting back is one thing, but if your destination is not specifically accessible and hire equipment not available, do you have the space or luggage allowance for your transfer needs? Depending on the level of assistance required, here are some options from Avant that might help.

At risk of falling?

If you are ambulant but at risk of falls, it can be a big deterrent to travelling for fear that there will be a struggle to get back up again. The ELK and CAMEL lifting cushions are the most portable devices of their kind, giving you the peace-to-mind to adventure. They fit easily into the tightest spaces, are robust enough for outdoor use and are now regularly funded by the NDIS.

Standing transfers

For the weight-bearing but non-ambulant transfer, our suggestion is the Merlin. Constructed of marine grade stainless steel, this device can be used with an optional harness for short distance upright transfers (e.g. wheelchair to toilet). It can be separated into two smaller components for transport and is compact enough to be used in the smallest of poorly designed ‘accessible’ bathrooms!

The portable lifting hoist

The assistive technology market in Australia offers a number of hoists, which are advertised as ‘portable’. Before you invest, check some of the following features that could have a big impact on which one is actually practical for you:

  • Size of the hoist once assembled – can it effectively lift you into your mobility device?
  • Weight of the hoist once folded – can your carers safely assemble and stow it?
  • Is there a travel case option – this is a must to protect your hoist when we can all fly again!

Special needs – special solutions

Some transfer needs can be very specific to you and hire is not an option – they have to travel with you. Examples include:

  • The Raiser lifting cushion, which helps to stand from lower seat heights.
  • The Sit-U-Up, a portable elevating backrest for when an adjustable bed is not available
  • The Bathing Cushion bath lift – when showering is not your preference

And something totally new…

Product image of the Milo hybrid device from Avant's range of portable transfer devices
A new addition to Avant’s range of portable transfer devices: the Milo hybrid.

Avant Innovations is now offering the unique Milo hybrid device which provides for seated or upright showering, hygiene and transfers. While it is not super compact, it may save taking two separate pieces of equipment in your van.

Contact Avant for all this and more on 02 8315 2834 or browse

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits magazine. You can subscribe here.

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