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Hoisting made easy with Patient Handling

Don’t let your hoist hold you back. Hoisting is made easy with the award-winning Smart 150 from Patient Handling.

Where do you want to go? Don’t let your hoist hold you back. Hoisting is made easy with the award-winning Smart 150 from Patient Handling.

Smart 150 Hoist

The Smart 150 can assist you even for the shortest of trips.  It is light, foldable (without tools), and easily transportable. This patient lifter is small enough to fit in the boot of a small car – such as a Toyota Yaris. So you can take it on a road trip – overnight or for as long as you like. When travel restrictions ease, travel overseas by plane or cruise ship with the Smart 150 hoist!

Compact Smartness

The Molift Smart 150 can be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. It is designed for home care, travelling and easy storage. The Smart 150 can be folded, stowed and transported by one person without the use of tools.  Due to its low weight (25kg), small footprint and clever design, Molift Smart 150 is easy to manoeuvre even in narrow spaces.

The hoisting range of 270–1680 mm provides an excellent maximum hoisting height and at the same time gets very low.  Transfers are possible to and from the floor, a wheelchair or chair, a bed, and a toilet or commode.

A person (face not visible, pictured from the side) seated in a hoist from Patient Handling against a plain white background.
Smart 150 hoists from Patient Handling are a foldable and transportable solution. Credit: Patient Handling

The 4-point sling bar is standard and guarantees the patient hoist gives a comfortable lifting position for the user with ample space around the head area thereby eliminating any risk of the head bumping into the sling bar or the user swinging side to side. Molift also offer a range of quality slings to assist with a variety of transfer situations, including toileting and showering.  With the combination of sling and sling bar, the user will slide into a natural, correct seating position, from lying to sitting and vice versa.

The Molift Smart 150 has a lifting weight capacity of 150 kg, making it suitable for many users. It also provides an excellent centre of balance.

Travel with a soft case for protection against scratches. Use the hard case for full protection, ideal for aircraft stowage.

For peace of mind, built-in software calculates when the lifter requires servicing. An emergency stop button is easily accessible, and a manual lowering function can be used in the event of an electrical error.

Molift transfer solutions are designed to be the best in class when it comes to product quality, reliability and durability.  The Molift Smart 150 has been awarded for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council.

Patient Handling are a registered NDIS provider and are following COVID Safe guidelines.

Contact Patient Handling to arrange a trial or find your local distributor – call 1300 137 875 or email

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