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iFLY Indoor Skydiving is accessible and inclusive

Indoor skydiving is the ultimate thrill-seeking adventure and it's an experience that is accessible for people of all abilities.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving allows you to take to the skies in a fully-controlled environment, without sacrificing any of the fun! Their world-class instructors are professionals in the field, and eager to make your time learning to fly as exhilarating as possible. After gearing-up in a flight suit, viewing the training video, and learning the signals to communicate whilst flying, you’ll enter the wind tunnel and float effortlessly into flight, with your instructor right beside you to help you fly your body your way.

Who Can Fly

Anyone can fly! The team at iFLY are passionate about making the dream of flight a reality for as many people as possible, from ages 3+.

Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have low-vision, are hard-of-hearing, have cognitive challenges, or any other disability, iFLY instructors are here to help you experience the incredible feeling of flight and learn to fly your body your way.

Indoor skydiving gives the feeling of freedom, and often becomes a regular activity. It doesn’t have to be just a once off, but something to enjoy often. Benefits include extreme happiness and joy, and the experience can even enhance strength and fitness.

NDIS Support: Some flyers have been able to access NDIS funding to participate in indoor skydiving under “Access Community, Social & Rec Activities”. This is something to look into to make indoor skydiving your regular social activity or sport. If you are a wheelchair user or require additional support, get in touch with the iFLY team by email or call 1300 435 966 to discuss your specific access needs.

iFLY All Abilities Ambassadors

Meet Rebecca Cramp. Rebecca has been flying with iFLY since 2017, after winning a place in their inaugural International Day of People with Disabilities event. Rebecca has since become an All Abilities Ambassador at iFLY Downunder (Sydney West). She flies regularly, competing in events and multiple National Indoor Skydiving Championships. She provides support for other fliers with varied needs.

I’ve met some amazing people who have encouraged me to learn to fly my body my way. Flying at iFLY gives me periods of freedom.

Rebecca Cramp
All Abilities Ambassador Rebecca Cramp at iFLY in front of the indoor skydiving tube seated in her wheelchair and holding a helmet and smiling
iFLY All Abilities Ambassador Rebecca Cramp loves the feeling of freedom she gets with indoor skydiving.

Meet Pete Pellegrini. Pete has also been flying for a number of years and is the All Abilities Ambassador at iFLY Gold Coast. Pete hosts the All Abilities events on the Gold Coast, and regularly competes at indoor skydiving sporting events, including multiple National Indoor Skydiving Championships where he won second place with his team in the FS-A category.

The feeling of flying in the tunnel with no mobility aids and great friends is second to none!

Pete Pellegrini
Pete Pellegrini mid-flight indoor skydiving wearing an iFLY jumpsuit and helmet
iFLY All Abilities Ambassador Pete Pellegrini says the feeling of flying is second to none.

When To Fly

You can fly anytime! iFLY is open 364 days a year until late.

iFLY offers a 20% discount year-round for anyone living with disability. Use the promo code ICANFLY on the iFLY Basic or iFLY Value packages online or in store.

iFLY also holds regular All Abilities Events at the Sydney and Gold Coast venues. These events are dedicated sessions for those in the disability community and are custom designed to create an environment of support and inclusion. Find out more about the All Abilities program and events on the iFLY website.

Taking flight has never been easier, and all of iFLY’s friendly staff are ready to show you that anyone can fly!

iFLY Venue Accessibility

The iFLY venues are accessible throughout and include wheelchair-friendly entrances, elevator access, accessible bathrooms, open floor plans, accessible parking locations nearby, and service animals are welcome.

iFLY works with a number of organisations, events and expos to increase awareness about the accessibility of indoor skydiving, and to continually improve the experience of fliers with specific access needs. The iFLY team won the 2022 Zero Barriers Inclusive Marketing & Communications Award and pledged to continue their commitment to being an accessible and inclusive experience for everyone.

Find an iFLY venue near you:

There are also iFLY venues in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Check out the iFLY website to find out more, and keep up to date with new deals and the latest news.

Follow iFLY on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Get in touch with the team by email, or call 1300 FLY NOW (1300 435 966).

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

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