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Introducing The Stabilo Multiseat

The Stabilo Multiseat is a car seat, an orthopaedic seat, and a swing - all in one!

Achieving positive seating and positioning client outcomes has always been at the forefront of what we do at Specialised Wheelchair Company. We are fortunate enough to offer the Stabilo Vacuum positioning range in Australia. These highly flexible products offer a large range of secondary seating, positioning, and sleep options – only limited by your imagination!

Why We Love The Stabilo Multiseat

Over the years, we have met a lot of families with children who have special needs. One of the biggest challenges they face is transferring their child from their daily seating equipment (e.g., wheelchair) into a secondary seat or position – like a beach chair or car seat – while maintaining posture and comfort.

That’s what makes the Stabilo Multiseat stand out. It’s a car seat, an orthopaedic seat, and swing – all in one! Outdoors, indoors, and even in the car, this system can be used to allow children with complex postures to be positioned well during activities.

The Stabilo Multiseat helps you maintain optimal positioning while driving or otherwise engaged, preventing deformation. It also provides a safe head support, securing and stabilising the neck and spine of children with reduced or no head control.

How The Stabilo Multiseat Works

The Stabilo Multiseat has three separate cushions that allow for individual adjustment to the user’s body shape. Each element of the padding – the seat, the backrest, and the headrest – can be moulded individually. The cushions are water-resistant, and easy to maintain.

The aluminium frame reinforces the cushions, and also provides opportunities for further adjustment. Vacuum positioning also enables support and stabilisation to accommodate asymmetries.

Who Should Try The Stabilo Multiseat?

The Stabilo Multiseat is available in a medium size (for users up to 1.25m) and large (for users up to 1.7m). It’s ideal for people with reduced muscle tension, as it provides support while sitting.

The Stabilo Multiseat is tested to European standards, currently pending AuSAP assessment, and available to purchase.

For more options and information about the Stabilo Multiseat and other equipment solutions, call (02) 9905 5333, or visit

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