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Listen In: Trouble With Me

Join in on a wild ride and enjoy the suspense of accessibility horror stories - and get the advice you need to make sure they don't happen to you!

Trouble With Me is an accessible travel podcast, with 20-minute episodes hosted by Joan Pahsia. It’s available for free on YouTube with subtitles, as well as all major podcasting platforms (including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Alexa, and Amazon Music).

Listen in for the suspense of accessibility horror stories, useful tips to make planning your next accessible trip easier, and reviews of the state of accessibility at cities and attractions around the world. All of this is sprinkled with cool accessibility tidbits and, of course, some necessary dark humour.

Accessibility horror stories

At the heart of Trouble With Me are the accessibility horror stories. When travelling with a disability, it’s quite easy to find yourself in surreal situations (even more so when visiting different cultures). Broken mobility devices, inaccessible transportation, health hiccups, being denied entrance at attractions, travel agencies that have no clue, bizarre interactions with locals – they’ve happened to all of us!

Anxiety, thrills, suspense, and irony come together and build to an (un)expected climax.

Accessibility tips

Horror stories might be common – and great fun to re-tell and hear – but we never want them to happen again. That’s why Trouble With Me offers accessibility tips to help you better plan for your trips, build a support network at your destination, and arm you with ideas about what to do when it all goes wrong.

City & tourist attraction reviews

Trouble With Me also has accessibility reviews of destinations. Find inspiration for your next trip with tales from visits to Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, Brussels, San Francisco, and more.

For more specific information, check out the in-depth reports on tourist attractions (e.g., Sagrada Familia’s cathedral, Niagara Falls, Fushimi Inari or Montemartre), with information on physical, visual, hearing, sensory, and cognitive accessibility. Full reviews, with transcripts, are available from the Trouble With Me website.

Always more on Trouble With Me

Now and then, Trouble With Me will feature fellow travellers answering the hard questions, and selections of sounds from all around the world.

For more information, visit the Trouble With Me website or get in touch via TabiFolk, your accessible travel community. Listen, learn, laugh, and enjoy!

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

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