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Hit the road with Mobility Engineering

Hit the road with the Chair Topper, a roof-mounted wheelchair loading solution and the latest offering from much-loved Mobility Engineering.

Mobility Engineering has been on the road again, with brothers Amin and Omid testing some more vehicle mobility solutions. To showcase the independence the Chair Topper can provide, they travelled from Sydney to Brisbane and back. Although it’s a tried and tested product, the Mobility Engineering team always does their own on-road testing of all the products they bring to market – they’re keen to ensure it will fare well on Australia’s long and sometimes bumpy roads.

Road-testing the Chair Topper in some stunning Aussie locations. Credit: Supplied.

The Chair Topper is a roof-mounted wheelchair loading solution that can be attached to any vehicle fitted with roof racks. Its unique feature is that it’s completely enclosed, like a roof-mounted luggage storage box, meaning a wheelchair will stay dry and clean on the way to your destination. 

Suitable for manual-folding wheelchairs, it provides the driver with independent transport when coupled with other vehicle solutions. 

Mobility Engineering’s demonstration vehicle was equipped with a tip-up plate, allowing the driver to bridge the gap between their vehicle seating position and the wheelchair, and also providing a seated platform to help guide their wheelchair when using the Chair Topper. Along with this, the driver could use a set of driving controls to provide full control of the vehicle. The combination allows a driver independence to go wherever they need to and take a wheelchair without carer assistance.

Clients can apply for funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to have the Chair Topper supplied and installed to their vehicle. As it can be easily transferred to another vehicle, if you change cars or sell your car, this makes the funding process simpler.

Mobility Engineering offers trials of the Chair Topper, along with the other driver solutions for vehicle independence across Australia. If you would like to book this in and give it a try, call 02 9482 4572 or email

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