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Modifying Vehicles with Integrity

Modifying vehicles with Integrity Car Sales and Rentals ensures that each vehicle meets its users' specific needs.

Always aiming to help their customers live a better life, Integrity Car Sales and Rentals is once again setting themselves apart in the wheelchair accessible vehicle industry. Integrity is now offering clients additional modifications on their vehicles done locally at their site in Sydney. Here’s how we go about modifying vehicles with Integrity.

One of the first customers who had the opportunity to benefit from this service were Tyson and David Martin. Tyson is an outgoing 22 year old who loves music, motorbikes, travel and is currently studying IT so he can teach people with disabilities how to use technology. 

Integrity first heard of Tyson when he inquired to hire a rental from Bateman’s Bay to Sydney to go on his first holiday – a 3 day boat cruise. Tyson hired a Toyota Hiace for a few months, and then appealed to the NDIA to fund the same type of vehicle with additional modifications. Dave and Tyson were successful in their application, so they gave the go-ahead for their own modified vehicle with Integrity.

Modifying vehicles with Integrity ensures each vehicle meets the users’ needs

With only the two of them travelling in the car (Tyson and a carer) it made sense for Tyson to be able to park his wheelchair right up to the front and centre of the Hiace. Integrity removed all equipment above the cabin floor (seats, mounting hardware and bar supports), sidestep and rubber matting. The lowered side of the cabin floor was then lifted leveling the whole floor so the wheelchair restraint system could be fitted. 

Throughout this conversion, the heater box and cooler controls were all able to be retained without any changes, meaning Tyson has his own independent controls for the heat and cooling of the back of the vehicle as he requires. Tyson is now also able to control the music in the car from his wheelchair spot, which was a big plus for him.

Inside view after modifying a vehicle with Integrity for Tyson and David

Ben Dubois, a staff member who works on modifying vehicles with Integrity and delivered the car to David and Tyson in Bateman’s Bay, had the opportunity to meet them in person and show off his work.

“This conversion was quite rewarding for me because I got to hear Dave and Tyson’s story and how what we were doing was helping them in their daily lives,” Ben said. “This just gave that particular job the extra bit of meaning, which is part of the reason I love working in this industry so much.”

To discuss how we can support you with our wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles, or find out more about modifying vehicles with Integrity, call Integrity Car Sales and Rentals on 1300 935 222.

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