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Where did you get that awesome wheelchair?

Mogo Wheelchairs makes bespoke wheelchairs to suit your individual needs and your lifestyle. Here's why we love them.

Need a new wheelchair? If you add a couple of features and customise the design during manufacture, your day-to-day outings may be easier. 

Mogo Wheelchairs crates bespoke wheelchairs. As a travel-loving family, we appreciate the extras they can build into our son’s chair. We just received his third wheelchair and with each one, we tweak the design to reflect his needs and personality. 

A wheelchair may be practical but there’s no reason for it to be boring.

Mogo’s founder is a wheelchair user himself. His son, who now runs the business, is passionate about building chairs which are both functional and individual.  

When we start the process of getting a new wheelchair, our main focus is on the comfort of the chair and what will suit our son’s day-to-day needs. Once seating and support are taken into consideration, we look at elements which make it easier to travel. We also want it to be user-friendly on outings for us and our son’s support workers. 

For example, a zippered pouch attached to the backrest is a handy place to keep sunscreen, hand santiser and our son’s wallet. It’s also where I keep my keys and wallet. 

Under the seat cushion, we have a built-in zippered compartment where we keep valuables when we travel. Passports and other items are safer there than in a backpack which can be easily stolen. Given the zippered compartment is discreet it could also be used as storage for a change throughout the day for a child who uses continence aids. 

When our daughter was little, we had a bar custom welded to the back of the chair for her to stand on when her legs became weary when we were out and about.  It was a lifesaver at a time when I had two dependent children. 

Mogo Wheelchairs
Mogo Wheelchairs founder Leon

Wheel guards and spray paint can add to the personality of a chair and in turn provide a great conversation starter. Our son is non-verbal, and his Superman armrests are a great way of people connecting with him. We find kids don’t point at his chair or him, they are just entranced by the cool Superman airbrushing. It’s particularly good when we travel. We find people want to interact but are unsure where to start and Superman is a universal language it would seem. 

Manual wheelchairs are designed for everyday use on well-sealed paths. While they work well day-to-day, they often struggle with the challenges of travel. For this reason, it’s worth considering off-road tyres and a Freewheel to expand your travel horizons. 

Off-road tyres work like BMX tyres. They’re thicker and give a smoother ride over rough surfaces. Travelling well over gravel tracks, on bush walks and uneven surfaces they are our go-to when we travel. We switch over to off-road tyres and they’ve taken us around the base of Uluru, to Franz Josef Glacier and on hard-packed sand on beaches. 

The Freewheel attachment can further enhance this off-road capacity ensuring the front caster wheels don’t dig in on the rough surfaces. 

And if you want to add a bit of oomph to your ride and have a rest from self-propelling a Batec will take your chair to the next level.  The Batec Electric attaches and detaches quickly and easily from your manual chair so you can choose when and where you use it. 

Mogo Wheelchairs supply all the products listed above and through their lived experience understand your needs. We love the way they work with us on our ideas and make them a reality. 

You can read more about there products and company here


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