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Top 4 must-pack items for wheelchair users

Heading on an adventure and checking out your packing list? Add these top four must-pack items to your suitcase for wheelchair travel.

Sorting out your packing list for a trip away? Check out our top 4 recommendations of must-pack items to include if you use a wheelchair.

1. Basic repair kit

Ask your wheelchair supplier to provide you with a basic repair kit. Items like spare bearings and any bolts or fittings that are unique to your chair may come in handy. Basic tools like Allen keys, spanners and screwdrivers that suit the fittings will enable you to do repairs on the move – but make sure they are packed in your checked luggage, otherwise they may be confiscated by security. 

You’ll be grateful you have these extra bits and bobs – you don’t need them until you do! Credit: Julie Jones

2. Dish brush

Muddy paths, dirt and sand can accumulate in wheelchair tyres, making it a messy travel companion. Travelling with a dish brush makes it easy to clean the tyres before putting the chair into a hire car or returning to your accommodation. 

A dish brush is a handy addition after a muddy or sandy day out. Credit: Julie Jones

3. Wheelchair lock

Some attractions may require a wheelchair user who is able to transfer from their wheelchair for an experience to leave it behind. It’s not always possible to leave it somewhere secure, so a wheelchair lock offers peace of mind – you’ll know the chair is secure and will be there upon your return. 

A must-pack option for peace of mind. Credit: Julie Jones

4. A Spare bag

When handing a wheelchair over to baggage handlers, it’s advisable to take off any removable parts, including the cushion, non-fixed armrests, joystick and headrest. For ease, carry an empty bag that you can put all of these parts into at the plane door. 

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