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‘See’ destinations differently with Sensory Tourism Australia

From the award-winning founders of Cocky Guides comes a new company offering Australia's first sensory-discovery curated travel packages.

‘Sightseeing’ is about to get a new, expanded definition with the launch of Sensory Tourism Australia, a company that curates travel itineraries for blind and low-vision travellers.

In consultation with travellers, travel agents, and operators offering accessible experiences, Sensory Tourism Australia showcases the multi-sensory experiences of Australia’s most beloved destinations. With a focus on the sounds, tastes, scents, and textures of each experience, travellers who are blind or who have low vision are fully engaged in travel that’s specifically planned to suit their needs.

An Indigenous man applying face paint to the face of a blind traveller in the Cairns rainforest
With a focus on multi-sensory experiences, Sensory Tourism Australia is specifically tailored to the needs of blind and low vision travellers.

Sensory Tourism Australia Director and co-founder Kellie Hayes says, “We are delighted to present Australia’s first curated, ‘stay and discover’ packages in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns, designed to support blind and low vision travellers visiting Australia. With a keen focus on presenting Australian destinations in a sensory and tactile way, our guides are, first and foremost, experienced tour guides who have each had hundreds of hours presenting destinations to blind and low-vision travellers.”

To learn more or book your trip, visit the Sensory Tourism Australia website.

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