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Splish Splash with Avant

Whether it is the surf, a water park, dolphin encounter, sophisticated resort pool or a relaxing spa, everyone loves an aquatic environment.

Getting wet is high on the bucket list of activities for most Australians on vacation. Whether it is the surf, a water park, dolphin encounter, sophisticated resort pool or a relaxing spa, everyone loves an aquatic environment. 

Solutions for making these activities accessible for persons with differing abilities are now widely available. They range from simple waterproof limb covers through to heavy-duty pool hoist installations, with many options in between. 

DryPro Waterproof Covers

Sometimes the barrier to getting wet is something that needs to stay dry! This could be a plaster cast, a wound dressing, a prosthetic limb, an ostomy or an intravenous PICC line.

The DryPro range of protectors offers various configurations in sizes for very small children through to larger adults. Orders are despatched Australia-wide every working day of the year to save as many holidays as possible!

Beach Access

Accessing the water’s edge is now open to persons of all abilities, with the proliferation of large-wheeled mobility aids. For someone reliant on a walking frame for day-to-day use, the WheelEEZ® Beach Rollator is the ideal alternative to being stuck on the promenade.

If you require additional support, select from the various beach wheelchairs available locally – the Sandcruiser®, the BWA, or if you actually want to get right in – the amazing Tiralo 2. These models have recently become available for trials at your favourite venue in the greater Sydney area and further afield in NSW.

Pool Access

Pool hoists are becoming increasingly common across a variety of venues including public swimming pools, hotel pools, resorts and cruise ships. It is important to check ahead that the hoist at your destination suits your specific needs. Some will only have a basic plastic seat and no option to convert to a sling attachment.

Venues reluctant to install a hoist may be interested to hear about the SR Smith range, which includes two portable models – the PAL Hi/Lo and the PAL 2. These wheel up and away from the pool edge without the need for tools or fixing hardware.

A pool hoist from Avant on an indoor pool
Pool hoists can be portable and can make swimming pools more accessible

Aqua Slings

Pool hoists at holiday destinations, which do offer sling attachment, may expect patrons to bring their own sling. A sling with loop attachments will normally be required. There are many options including the Silva® Flotation Sling for users needing maximum support.

Avant Innovations is proud to share these unique assistive technologies from across the globe.

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits magazine. You can subscribe here.

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