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Tabifolk: A Social Network For Accessible Travel

Don't let the search for answers to accessibility questions detract from your excitement for your next trip. Tabifolk can help!

An accessible travel adventure often starts with a Google search. Then, a Facebook post. Then, another Google search. Then, an email…

Planning travel when you or a loved one has a disability can be a lot of work, and often takes away from the excitement of actually planning a trip. TabiFolk is a social network dedicated to accessible travel that helps users find the answers they need by connecting them with people from around the world.

Be Inquisitive

Instead of large generic accessible travel groups, communication on TabiFolk is centred around groups with specific themes. That makes it easier to find what you want and what you’re interested in.

Planning a trip to Tokyo? Join the Japan group.

Love to sail the seas with your mobility scooter? Check out the Cruises group.

Not sure where to start, or whether your question has already been asked? Search the site and find out.

There’s something on TabiFolk for everyone. You can even create your own group, if the one you want doesn’t yet exist.

One of the joys of travel can be meeting new people, creating lifelong friendships with travel companions and those you meet along the way – why wait until you arrive at your destination? On TabiFolk, you can connect with other users and follow their travels, or message them directly with specific information about your trip.

Be A Hero

It’s actually pretty easy. Helping someone find the accessibility information they need is all it takes.

You can let others know your expertise in your TabiFolk profile, sharing where you’ve been and/or where you currently reside.

We recommend joining groups for your local area, or for destinations you’ve visited in the past, so you can jump in and share first-hand experience.

Be a Blogger

“Tabi” is the Japanese word for journey. Every member of TabiFolk gets their own accessible travel blog when they join. Use this platform to share your adventures with the world, offer your favourite travel tips, or contribute your thoughts about the latest trends in accessible travel – it’s up to you!

Join others to journey around the world together with TabiFolk, and make the world more accessible with each trip. Find out more on the TabiFolk website.

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This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

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