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The Advantages of an Airport Lounge

Airport lounges used to be reserved for frequent flyers who could afford to purchase an airline’s membership program, but not any more. Things have changed with the introduction of independent lounges around the world. Lounge Buddy allows travellers to search for an available lounge and purchase a single entry pass for a journey. On my recent trip to China I had the opportunity to review Skyteam Lounge at Sydney International Airport and I can see the advantages for any traveller, but I found some features which I thought are particularly good for anyone travelling with special needs.

Skyteam Lounge Sydney Airport

After the hectic preparation for my trip and the push to get to the airport in peak hour traffic, I found the lounge an oasis of peace and quiet. For starters, no airport announcements are broadcast in the lounge. This does mean you need to keep an eye on time but when I returned to the main terminal after being in the lounge I was reminded of just how jarring and intrusive the constant barrage of announcements can be.

Skyteam LoungeAlways preferring to arrive well before my departure time I had a couple of hours to sit and relax. My flight was mid-morning so the lounge was serving a buffet breakfast with a mixture of cereals, pastries, fresh fruit and cooked items including pancakes and eggs.

The lounges are super comfy with inbuilt power points for charging phones or laptops and complimentary fast WIFI, ensuring you can stay connected, if you wish. If you position yourself near the floor to ceiling windows there is some superior plane-spotting to be had.

Skyteam Lounge
Skyteam Lounge
Skyteam Lounge Bar

Taking off on a trip is always reason to celebrate and if you’re in the mood, the lounge’s bar is well stocked with a variety of wines,  snacks, tea and coffee.

Extra Quiet Space

Skyteam LoungeQuiet room in lounge.

For any passengers travelling with sensory issues, the quiet room within the lounge will be a welcome reprieve . The room is calming with low lighting, blinds to keep the harshness of the daylight out and a couple of bean bags for comfort. Neither room was being used during the busy morning period when I was visiting. 

Skyteam Lounge Sydney Airport
TV room

Beside the quiet room there is another gently lit room with a television.

Skyteam Lounge Sydney AirportAlthough I used the lounge for relaxation it is well equipped with business facilities including computers, meeting tables and plenty of reading material. I do like a free magazine!

Bathroom Facilities

A stand-alone unisex bathroom facility is available within the lounge. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet with a back rest and rails either side plus a shower with a bench seat, lever taps and an adjustable hand-held shower head.

My Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the lounge prior to my flight. I boarded the plane rested, well-fed and ready for the 10 hour plus journey ahead of me. I found it interesting to read in Jessica’s blog contribution that she uses the lounge due to her compromised immunity. You can read her full blog here but the reason Jess chooses a lounge is because “With compromised immunity it helps to avoid larger crowds which is difficult when you travel. Airport lounge access can assist with this. The lounge facilities generally offer areas which are clean and private to attend to treatments or for taking medication. If there is a flight delay the lounge is a more comfortable area to wait and rest.”

Lounge Buddy has many advantages for travellers and is worth checking out for your next trip. We are happy to help with bookings on 1300 404 100.





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