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Total Ability has hand controls for any ability

Total Ability wants everyone to feel the freedom of driving, with customisable hand controls to make it possible.

For many, the ultimate feeling of freedom is the ability to get behind the wheel and go on a road trip, explore this wonderful country and leave the mundane day-to-day life behind (for a while, at least!).

Total Ability is passionate about your love for driving. If there’s one thing that drives them, it’s their knowledge – from lived experience – of what being able to drive independently means for someone with a disability.

The Total Ability story

Paul Crake, a professional athlete, experienced a serious accident while competing at the Tour of Southland in New Zealand, resulting in T4 paraplegia.

After leaving hospital, Paul and his wife, Daniela, relocated to Italy. There, they discovered Fadiel Italiana driving hand controls.

Paul found the local equipment severely lacking when he returned to Australia. He loved to drive, and he knew that people with disabilities in Australia did, too. No one should be restricted by a lack of high-quality assistive driving technology.

This realisation led Paul and Daniela to establish Total Ability in 2011, becoming the exclusive distributors of Fadiel Italiana products in Australia and New Zealand.

Satellite Accelerator

Total Ability’s flagship product is the Satellite Accelerator. It’s the hand control used by Mel Harrison from Sitting Low Reaching High, the first person with a disability to drive in the Shitbox Rally.

The Satellite Accelerator is for the driver who wants to keep both hands on the wheel, giving you the closest natural transition from foot pedal driving to hand control driving. Acceleration is activated by the innovative thumb-operated lever. Two-handed driving provides more precise control of the vehicle, and a safer feel for the driver.

Close up of a hand using the Satellite Accelerator in a car on the steering wheel
The Satellite Accelerator is Total Ability’s flagship product.

The Satellite Accelerator comes in both wired and wireless versions. Users report a substantial decrease in fatigue compared to other control options, which means more time driving more safely on your next road trip.

Get back on the road with Total Ability

The only thing the team at Total Ability love as much as driving is helping others get on the road again, especially when they thought driving was no longer a possibility.

Whether you’re looking at options to return to driving, have never driven at all, or want to increase your freedom and capacity to drive, the team at Total Ability can help. Reach out on 1300 858 410, or contact them via the form on their website.

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

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