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Travel comfortably with the BATEC MINI 2 from Mogo Wheelchairs

With the BATEC MINI 2, available now from Mogo Wheelchairs, you'll be ready to travel anywhere, anytime.

Go from reduced mobility to augmented mobility with the BATEC MINI 2, available now from Mogo Wheelchairs. It alleviates the need for help from others while travelling and gives you back your independence. This 2-in-1 solution offers motor power for your chair without sacrificing the benefits of manual navigation.

With the BATEC MINI 2, you’re ready to travel anywhere, anytime. It can handle kerbs, cobblestones, and irregular terrain – nothing will slow you down! You can attach it to your chair in seconds, without transfers, making it the fastest anchor system on the market. The robust frame can handle continual use, by even the roughest users.

With its compact size and folding system, it’s easy to pick up and take with you, whichever way you prefer to travel. When folded, it parks comfortably in small small spaces, including a car boot or a train luggage compartment. With a 280Wh battery and IATA regulation-compliant certificate for air travel, you can also take it into the aircraft cabin with you while flying, so you won’t have to worry about damage or loss in transit.

The BATEC MINI 2 folded up and placed in a compact car boot
The BATEC MINI 2 is small, but mighty. Credit: Mogo Wheelchairs

The BATEC MINI 2 is available for quadriplegics and hemiplegics. It’s compatible with the BATEC anchor bar and batteries (excluding the exclusive batteries for BATEC SCRAMBLER and BATEC RAPID 2). It’s perfect for new users just getting started with BATEC products, as well as experienced users looking for a handbike to keep in the car or for travelling.

To find out more about the BATEC MINI 2, contact Mogo Wheelchairs on (02) 9708 5255 or by email. Follow them on Facebook to find out more about the latest customisable options available for you.

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits. You can subscribe to the magazine here.

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