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Where To Start With Transport Harnesses by Medifab

If you're wondering where to start with transport harnesses, Medifab has created a handy guide to give you an overview of the options available.

When a child escapes their car seat, the danger to that child and others is very real, and can prevent the vehicle safety features from working effectively. Transport harnesses provide an essential solution to avoid this situation and maintain safe travel.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Which harness would be best for my situation?”

There are many things to consider when answering this question. Medifab has compiled a handy guide which gives an overview of the options that are available. It might feel like there is no perfect solution, but Medifab’s guide will help narrow down the selection.

The key considerations in finding the solution for your situation are: behavioural or postural needs, buckle types, attachment points, and sizing.

The first thing to look at is the harness application itself. All Houdini harnesses support occupants with behavioural needs, where securing them to the seat is necessary to ensure the vehicle safety features can operate correctly. For some occupants, additional support to maintain their orientation in the seat may be required, and there are Houdini harnesses available to offer this support as well.

With all of the Houdini harness models, there are three types of buckles available:

  • Standard Release: This buckle operates similarly to a seatbelt, where pressing the red release button will cause the harness to disengage. This option is suitable for occupants who aren’t inclined to attempt to remove the harness themselves, and require the harness primarily for extra support to remain upright within the seat.
  • Anti-Escape/Attendant Release: When a trickier release mechanism is required, this two-handed operation helps keep occupants secure. This option is best for occupants who would otherwise undo the standard release during travel, but don’t have the fine motor skills to operate the anti-escape release.
  • Pen-Key Release: This is the most secure buckle option available. It works by covering the release button, leaving a small hole in the centre that can only be disengaged with a pen, key, or similar pointy object.

For more information about Houdini harnesses and the complete harness selection guide, visit Medifab’s website. You can also reach out to the team on 1300 543 343 or by email.

This feature first appeared in Travel Without Limits magazine. You can subscribe here.

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